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Register now to get your Top Up number for FREE calls with Briing FREE Caller. So sign up below now to get your Top Up for free international calls.

How it works

.01Sign Up online by providing basic information
.02Add your divert number - This is the international number you want to connect to
.03Dail your unique Briing top up yo connect to your chosen international number

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Terms and Conditions

  1. This service is only available on post paid account of selected mobile networks that have bundles. Please check with your provider.
  2. We request our entire customer to make a 2 minute test call then check your phone bill before continuing to use the service. This will ensure that your calls to this service are coming out of your inclusive bundle.
  3. BRIING makes no guarantees or warranties as to the reliability or call quality of any calls using this service.
  4. By signing up to and using this service you agree to receive marketing via SMS or other forms that the provider of this service may use from time to time. This may include but not be limited to providing new access numbers for your service or other related telecoms services.
  5. At no point is the provider of this service liable for costs that may be incurred by you with your mobile service provider.
  6. All complaints or issues arising from the use of this service must be sent to [email protected]. You must provide the following:
    • Mobile Number
    • Mobile Network
    • Date and time of the call
    • Destination that you were calling
  7. By using making calls and using this service you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as stated above and anyone failing to do so, will be barred from this and any other service in future.

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