Virtual Top Up & Dial Numbers

To maximise the benefits that Briing can offer you will need to ensure you have inclusive 084 and 087 calls as part of your landline or mobile package.

However for those who do not, or would rather not add the required bundle we have a way that you can keep in tight control of your international call costs.

How Does It Work?

Through Briing you can setup a unique top up and dial through number so that you can pre-pay for your international calls.

To get yours simply complete the form and we will automatically email you 2 unique numbers:

Prepay Number

This will either be a number starting 0871 823 or 0845 619, and will allow you to top up airtime minutes. Make a quick 10 second call to your 0871 to add a minute or 0845 for 30 seconds of airtime. The more calls the more minutes.

Dialling an 0871 823 number will cost 10p per call, and 0845 823 will cost 5p per call.

Dial Through Number

Your 0371 823 or 0345 619 number which your airtime minutes will be allocated to. You can use this number to call friends and family overseas. Once your minutes have expired, your call will end.

You should receive your virtual numbers via email virtually straight away. If not please check your Spam folder as our email can sometimes get caught in it. If you're email doesn't arrive please send us a message at [email protected], and we will chase it up for you.

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