Calling from a Landline

Cheap International calls from a Landline

Making international calls from your landline has never been easier, or cheaper. The landline access numbers starting 08 or 09 can be called from your home, office or any other landline phone to make cheap international calls.

As many landline providers include 0845 and 0870 numbers as part of monthly bundles, using can allow you to make international calls for free.

For anyone using our services that do not have inclusive minutes (described above), you will be charged the advertised per minute rate, plus you operators access charge.

The call rates advertised are subject to calls originating from a UK landline and will be billed by your network provider.

To make cheap international calls from a landline phone simply:
  1. Choose the country you wish to call
  2. Dial our access number which will start 08 or 09
  3. When you hear the recorded message, dial the full international number, including the country code. So your number will start '00'

That's all you need. You can instantly start saving a bundle on your phone bill on all international calls. Enjoy more calls for less to your friends, love ones of business colleagues all over the world.

  • No Subscription
  • No Credit Cards
  • No Scratch Cards
  • No Minimum Spend
  • Best Rates Available

Terms and Conditions:

All callers must have the bill payer's permission before using our international call service. All the calls will be billed by your telephone provider.

All calls will be charged from the moment the call connects, this includes if you experience an engaged tone or an unanswered call. The advertised call costs only include international landline and mobile numbers, calls to premium rate numbers in other countries are not included unless otherwise stated.

All UK calls to 08 and 09 numbers carry a one off access charge in addition to the advertise pence per minute charge. The access charge is billed by your landline or mobile provider and we advise you check exactly how much this is before calling.

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